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CHERRY eLearning

Whether in a classroom, large computer lab or school library, CHERRY offers a wide range of durable products that enhance the digital learning experience.

CHERRY Ergoline

Ergonomics in the workplace: Set up your desk ergonomically with tips and CHERRY ERGONOMIC products.

About Cherry

The CHERRY Corporation was founded by Walter Lorain Cherry in 1953. The first microswitches were produced in the basement of a restaurant in Highland Park, Illinois. From humble beginnings, the company quickly grew in size and reputation after entering the US automobile market. In the early 1960’s, Walter L. Cherry ventured across the pond to Europe. American Entrepreneurship coupled with German Engineering encompasses the history and future of CHERRY. Today, CHERRY is regarded as the epitome of precision, longevity, and responsibility. A unique feeling.

Foundation of Cherry
>10 Tsd.

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From a passionate basement project to an international public limited company

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Plus X Award Winner

Best Brand of the Year

We are proud to announce that we are named “Best Brand of the Year 2022” . This new honorary award confirms CHERRY’s pursuit of combining high-quality German engineering with outstanding design in its product line.

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