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CHERRY Office Devices


We make it easy to get things done – whether you are at home, in the office, or travelling. From unparalleled typing experience of our keyboards to ergonomic design to reliable functionality, we stand for best in class. With American innovation and German engineering deeply ingrained in our DNA, we develop intelligent solutions that are accurate in the details with a fair value for the money. It is no coincidence that CHERRY was awarded for best customer satisfaction. Because this is how we define client centricity: Be a reliable partner, serving the needs of our users.

Office Products

Office Keyboards

Office Keyboards

Our office keyboards are the perfect choice for professional workstations that prioritise efficiency and comfort. With quiet and precise keystrokes, they are ideal for quiet office environments. In addition, they have a robust design and durable materials that maintain their performance even after intensive use.

Office Mice

Office Mice

Our office mice are available in both wired and wireless versions and offer reliable performance and ease of use. The high-quality sensors ensure precise cursor movements, while the robust construction guarantees durability.

Desktop Set

Desktop Sets

Our desktop sets combine high-quality keyboards and mice to create an unbeatable duo for any working environment. They are available in both wired and wireless versions to suit individual needs. With their high reliability and stylish design, the mouse-keyboard combos are the perfect choice for any modern office.

Office Accessories

Office Accessories

Our office accessories offer a wide range of high-quality products that make everyday work more efficient and comfortable. From ergonomic palm rests and precise mouse pads to practical hygiene solutions - CHERRY has everything you need for a well-organised and productive workplace.

SX Scissor mechanics


Feel the difference: CHERRY is known worldwide for its pioneering key technologies, especially the CHERRY MX switches. Our office keyboards are available with mechanical switches, whisper-quiet CHERRY SX technology or as an affordable membrane keyboard. The choice is yours.



The free CHERRY KEYS software allows you to assign the keys on your keyboard and mouse as you wish. For even more efficient workflows. Another plus point: CHERRY KEYS works with almost any keyboard or mouse, regardless of the brand.

CHERRY's Input for Office Output

Innovate for best results

We develop intelligent solutions that enhance work and improve productivity.

Best in class for every segment

We are constantly evolving to deliver quality solutions for every user, accurate in the details with a fair value for the money.

Always on for our customers

We are a reliable partner serving the needs of our users.

Bringing ease to flexible work

We support customers and companies translating complex requirements to smooth solutions.

Office Product Highlights

Anyone who enters the CHERRY brand world should experience what "Enter Excellence" means. This is the omnipresent goal that drives us. The basis for this is our great expertise in IT peripherals, which is reflected in our products, combined with competitive prices.