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Modern Solutions to access Digital Healthcare

CHERRY eHealth and healthcare products stand for maximum security. Whether readers for health insurance cards and medical IDs, biometric logon or disinfectable keyboards: We focus on smart solutions, high quality and certified components.


Hygiene meets typing comfort in shared offices

CHERRY's best-selling keyboard CHERRY STREAM is now even better - by combining it with a high-quality, protective silicone membrane from the experts for hygienic keyboards Active Key. This makes it perfect for use in shared offices, schools or (medical) administration - wherever many people come together and hygiene is extremely important.

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Your Access to Digital Healthcare in Germany

The future is digital - in healthcare, too. The telematics infrastructure (TI) ensures secure networking of all participants in the healthcare system - from doctors and hospitals to pharmacies and nursing homes. CHERRY offers the technical solutions for connection to the TI by means of terminals, PIN pads and keyboards with integrated magnetic card and/or chip card readers.


Keyboards and Mice for hygiene critical areas

When it comes to hygiene and safety, we don't compromise. ACTIVE KEY is CHERRY's specialized manufacturer of high-quality hygienic keyboards and mice for the medical and clinical sector. Optimal usability, light keystroke and a perfect typing feel characterize the products, which are protected with a resistant silicone membrane.

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