Keyboard Technologies

Feel the difference

The most important characteristics of a computer keyboard are the activation force and travel distance required for key activation – the key haptics. In principle, a distinction is made between two different technologies: Keyboards with individual mechanical switches on a circuit board (MX and ML) and membrane keyboards with rubber mats (SX and Membrane). Currently our products are manufactured with the following technologies:

Mechanical switch

CHERRY MX Technology

  • Mechanical switch with individual haptics (linear, tactile and click pressure point)
  • Service life: guaranteed 100 million strokes (depend on switch specification)
  • Low bounce times, years of reliable operation and an extremely high service life due to unique gold crosspoint contacts
SX Scissor mechanics
Scissor mechanics

CHERRY SX Technology

  • Extremely flat design
  • Membrane contact switches with elastomer dome and scissor mechanics
  • Long service life with soft, quiet keystrokes
  • Service life: Up to 20 million key strokes

Membrane technology

  • Membrane contact switch with elastomer dome
  • Long service life and high reliability
  • Service life: up to 10 million key strokes