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Wireless 2,4GHz
VL_Lieferumfang_1xAA, VL_Lieferumfang_2xAAA, VL_Lieferumfang_Nano-USB-Receiver, VL_Lieferumfang_bedienungsanleitung, VL_Lieferumfang_maus, VL_Lieferumfang_tastatur, VL_Lieferumfang_usb_a_c

Technical Details

Product Details
besturingssysteem Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8
Breed product zonder verpakking 162,2 mm
garantie VL_Garantie_1additionalyear
Gewicht hoofdproduct 905 g
Hoogte product zonder verpakking 23,3 mm
opslagtemperatuur max. 65 °C
bewaartemperatuur min. -20 °C
Lengte product zonder verpakking 462,2 mm
leveringsomvang VL_Lieferumfang_1xAA, VL_Lieferumfang_2xAAA, VL_Lieferumfang_Nano-USB-Receiver, VL_Lieferumfang_bedienungsanleitung, VL_Lieferumfang_maus, VL_Lieferumfang_tastatur, VL_Lieferumfang_usb_a_c
software-ondersteuning CHERRY KEYS
Systeemvereisten-Hardware VL_Systemvoraussetzungen_Hardware_usba
betrouwbaarheid MTBF > 10 Mio. h calculated to SN 29500 (electronic module only)
Oplaadbare batterij ja
aantal batterijen 2
Batterie Art VL_BatteryType_NIMH
Vervangbare batterij ja
Batterie Bauform AAA
Batterij oplaadaansluiting USB-C
verlichting nee
anti-ghosting VL_KS_yesno_not_specified
steun voeten VL_MountingFeet_integrated
Ingebouwde metalen plaat ja
polssteun VL_Palmrestavailability_notavailable
Luidheid (dB) toetsenbord 49 db
Levensduur per toets (toetsaanslagen in miljoenen) VL_LifetimeperKey_20mio
Max stroomverbruik (mA) toetsenbord 20 mA
N sleutel rollover niet gespecificeerd
schakelkarakteristieken standard
Speciale toetsfuncties VL_FunctionadditionalkeyBrowser, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyCalculator, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyLasttrack, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyNexttrack, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyPClock, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyPlayPause, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyUnmuteMute, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyVolume up, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyVolumedown, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyeMailprogram
status-LED's in de sleutels
toetsenbordindeling VL_KeyboardFormat_fullsize100
keycap materiaal VL_Keycapmaterial_abs
Sleutel technologie VL_Tastentechnologie_scissor
sleutelversleuteling ASE-128
USB-hub VL_KS_yesno_no
aantal muisknoppen 6
Batterie Art VL_BatteryType_NIMH
Vervangbare batterij ja
Batterie Bauform AA
Batterij oplaadaansluiting USB-C
Oplaadbare batterij ja
Breed 64,7 mm
duimknoppen ja
DPI-schakelaar ja
DPI-niveaus 3
draadloos bereik 10 m
gewicht muis 119 g
Hoogte 37,7 mm
lengte 116 mm
materiaal behuizing ABS
Maximale resolutie (dpi) 2.400 dpi
max. batterijduur (maanden) 7 months
Max stroomverbruik (mA) Muis 20 mA
sensor PixArt PAW3212, Invisible light
Verbinding via 2,4 GHz-radio ja
Verbinding via Bluetooth nee
Versleuteling in draadloze modus ASE-128
draadloos bereik 10 m
USB stick ja
Verbinding via 2,4 GHz-radio ja
Verbinding via Bluetooth nee
Versleuteling in draadloze modus ja

The best STREAM ever as a wireless premium version with charging function.

The CHERRY STREAM DESKTOP RECHARGE is a high-quality new addition to the STREAM Family with many valuable features for both professional and home-office use. As with all products in the STREAM family, it has the proprietary CHERRY SX scissor mechanism at its heart. A charging function and AES encryption round off the 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard and accompanying wireless mouse perfectly.

rechargeable desktop set

The charging concept – for long-lasting use

The CHERRY STREAM DESKTOP RECHARGE utilises NiMH rechargeable batteries which will last for months on a single charge. Afterwards, you can conveniently recharge the keyboard and mouse via USB-C while you continue to work undisturbed. The set can also be completely switched off to help preserve battery life even longer. Because our desktop set lasts longer than any rechargeable battery, it's possible to replace the GP brand NiMH batteries yourself, which is both practical and environmentally friendly.

sustainable keyboard and mouse

Sustainability & ergonomics – a good investment

Environmental protection and sustainability are matters that concern everyone. When it comes to making responsible and sustainable purchases these days, we all need a little guidance. Our keyboard has been awarded the oldest of all European environmental protection seals, the “Blue Angel” and in addition, we have made the packaging completely plastic-free. However, sustainability also means that we need to think about tomorrow with regard to our own health or that of our employees. The benchmark for this is compliance with defined ergonomic and safety standards, so we have laid the foundation for this with this new desktop set. It bears the “Safety Tested” GS seal, which is the only legally regulated test mark for product safety in Europe.

SX Scissor mechanics

CHERRY SX scissor technology – super-quiet & precise

Noise at work affects productivity and increases stress levels, so that's why we've equipped the CHERRY STREAM DESKTOP RECHARGE keyboard with our proprietary SX scissor technology – just like all other members of the STREAM family. Not only does it have a clearly defined and crisp pressure point, it's also super-quiet, similar to the flatter design you're used to from your laptop keyboard. Like a knife needs a fork, a keyboard needs a mouse and this one also has almost inaudibly quiet keys. After using it for the shortest of times, you won't want to be without this combination during long working days, in open-plan workspaces or your home office.

wireless mouse and keyboard combo

Performance & stability – CHERRY quality

The CHERRY STREAM DESKTOP RECHARGE has quality both inside and out. The CHERRY keyboard benefits from an integrated metal plate and non-slip rubber feet, meaning it's stable on the work surface at all times. Similarly, the mouse nestles comfortably in the hand and combines optimum weight with perfect gliding performance. Both keyboard and mouse are equipped with 128-bit CCM encryption which provides even greater data security.

rechargeable desktop set

Flexibility & operation – individuality 2.0

The keyboard has 10 additional time-saving and convenient keys: Windows Lock, Browser, Mail, Calculator and 6 keys to control volume and multimedia applications. Two thumb buttons on the mouse are separated by a notch in the housing to prevent accidental actuation. The DPI switch on the top of the mouse allows switching between three different resolution levels (1000dpi/1600dpi/2400dpi). For further key and button customisation, the CHERRY KEYS software is available free of charge.

rechargeable STREAM DESKTOP

The STREAM DESKTOP RECHARGE, with its proprietary CHERRY SX Scissor Mechanism, is perfect for anyone looking to take advantage of a wireless, durable and trouble-free solution for today's modern office environments.