USB-A/USB-C Adapter

USB-A/USB-C Adapter
USB adapter for use with USB-A devices like keyboards and mice on USB-C sockets.
item number: USB-A/USB-C Adapter
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Sturdy aluminium housing
Compact dimensions - perfect for mobile use
Suitable for all devices with USB-A plug
Suitable for notebooks, tablets, and smartphones with USB-C socket
Data transfer up to 5 Gbit/s (USB 3.0)
Many notebooks, tablets, and smartphones are only equipped with USB-C sockets. To use your USB-A peripherals like mice, keyboards, headsets, gamepads, storage media, etc., you need an adapter. The CHERRY USB-A/USB-C adapter comes with a high-quality aluminium housing and small dimensions. This enables you to use, for example, classical keyboards on a Mac or other devices with USB-C sockets.