Contact/contactless card reader and encrypted key transmission
item number: SECURE BOARD 1.0
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Intelligent security keyboard with integrated reader for smart cards and cards/tags with RFID/NFC interface
Secure mode with authentication and encryption, especially with thin clients
PC/SC smart card reader, CCID compatible
Protocols: T=0, T=1, T=CL
Read/write with ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 A/B compliant cards
Flat design, low smart card contacting unit
Satisfies FIPS-201 requirements
DE version with DIN/GS compliant layout and meets with BGI-650 ergonomics guide
Standard for Windows and Linux
One-handed operation of smart card module
Awarded the “Blauer Engel” environmental seal
VL_Lieferumfang_bedienungsanleitung, VL_Lieferumfang_tastatur
The CHERRY SECURE BOARD 1.0 is an ergonomic keyboard with an integrated reader for smart cards and cards/tags with an RF/NFC interface. For added security and confidentiality, the keyboard can be switched to a secure mode. Now the device can authenticate itself with a certificate and the key transmission is encrypted. This renders hardware key loggers useless and because the standard keyboard channel is locked, BadUSB attacks cannot be carried out on it. Thin clients that have the necessary software integrated are particularly suitable for using these functions.

Technical Details

besturingssysteem Linux, Mac OS, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, VL_Betriebssystem_winvista64bit, VL_Betriebssystem_winxp64bit
Breed product zonder verpakking 188 mm
garantie VL_Garantie_2years_wa
Gewicht hoofdproduct 840 g
Hoogte product zonder verpakking 46 mm
kabellengte 180 cm
opslagtemperatuur max. 65 °C
bewaartemperatuur min. -20 °C
Lengte product zonder verpakking 458 mm
leveringsomvang VL_Lieferumfang_bedienungsanleitung, VL_Lieferumfang_tastatur
software-ondersteuning CHERRY KEYS, PC/SC Diagnose Tool
Systeemvereisten-Hardware VL_Systemvoraussetzungen_Hardware_usba
betrouwbaarheid MTBF > 45.000 Stunden
verlichting nee
anti-ghosting no
Response Time 3-5 ms
steun voeten VL_MountingFeet_integrated
Bedieningskracht (cN) 70 cN
Ingebouwde metalen plaat ja
polssteun VL_Palmrestavailability_notavailable
Intern geheugen nee
Luidheid (dB) toetsenbord 40,7 db
Levensduur per toets (toetsaanslagen in miljoenen) VL_LifetimeperKey_10mio
Max stroomverbruik (mA) toetsenbord 350 mA
N sleutel rollover niet gespecificeerd
schakelkarakteristieken standard
Speciale toetsfuncties VL_FunctionadditionalkeyBrowser, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyCalculator, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyPClock, VL_FunctionadditionalkeyeMailprogram
status-LED's in de behuizing
toetsenbordindeling VL_KeyboardFormat_fullsize100
Sleutelafstand (mm) 3 mm
keycap materiaal VL_Keycapmaterial_abs
Key labeling VL_Keycapinscription_Laseretching
Sleutel technologie VL_Tastentechnologie_rubberdome
sleutelversleuteling Cha Cha 20
USB-hub no
Voorloop (mm) 2,5 mm
Smart card
soorten chipkaarten VL_Chipcarttype_iso14443a, VL_Chipcarttype_iso14443b, VL_Chipcarttype_iso15693, VL_Chipcarttype_iso7816
kaart streamen 60 mA
Kontaktierung VL_Kontaktierung_sliding
Leesafstand chipkaartlezer 5 cm
Beschermde contactkaarten met pincode ja
logboeken T=0, T=1, T=CL
SmartCard-snelheid 420 kBit/s
Statusweergave smartcardlezer VL_Chipcard_status_2in1led
paringscycli 100.000
SW-interface: VL_SoftwareSchnittstellen_ccid, VL_SoftwareSchnittstellen_pcsc
systeem snelheid 12 MBit/s
klok frequentie 4.8 MHz
Type smartcardlezer VL_dual_interface_smart_card_reader