Perfection for even the smallest of spaces!
item number: G84-4100
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Individual keys with Gold Crosspoint contacts (MX technology)
Codeset 3 support (PS/2 connection only) e.g. for Unix computers
Perfect key feeling
High quality and compact 19' PC keyboard - space-saving and ergonomic
High-quality keyboard for outstanding writing performance, fulfilling even the highest demands
Extremely high service life of individual keys
VL_Lieferumfang_USB_PS2_adapter, VL_Lieferumfang_bedienungsanleitung, VL_Lieferumfang_tastatur
This compact keyboard is the perfect solution for users with only limited space available and low weight requirements. For example, applications in the banking sector, medical institutions or portable systems. Also suitable for 19-inch applications. This keyboard is perfectly suited for slim-line PCs and laptops and can be enhanced optimally with the numeric block G84-4700.

Technical Details

besturingssysteem Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows 8
Breed product zonder verpakking 132 mm
garantie VL_Garantie_1additionalyear
Hoogte product zonder verpakking 26 mm
kabellengte 175 cm
opslagtemperatuur max. 65 °C
bewaartemperatuur min. -20 °C
Lengte product zonder verpakking 282 mm
leveringsomvang VL_Lieferumfang_USB_PS2_adapter, VL_Lieferumfang_bedienungsanleitung, VL_Lieferumfang_tastatur
betrouwbaarheid MCBF > 10 Mrd. Betätigungen MTBF (90) > 169.300 Stunden
verlichting nee
anti-ghosting not specified
Bedieningskracht (cN) 50 cN
polssteun VL_Palmrestavailability_notavailable
Intern geheugen nee
Levensduur per toets (toetsaanslagen in miljoenen) VL_LifetimeperKey_20mio
Max stroomverbruik (mA) toetsenbord 16 mA
N sleutel rollover niet gespecificeerd
schakelkarakteristieken tactile
Speciale toetsfuncties VL_FunctionadditionalkeyCHERRYKey
status-LED's in de behuizing
toetsenbordindeling VL_KeyboardFormat_75
keycap materiaal VL_Keycapmaterial_abs
Key labeling VL_Keycapinscription_Laseretching
Sleutel technologie VL_Tastentechnologie_mechanical
sleutelversleuteling nee
USB-hub no